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Underground England in Soho


Creepers are a staple item in any Goth's wardrobe, 10 years ago, tourists stood and gawped at the Camden Bridge punks and goths, snapping pictures of their weird and wonderful attire.Fast-forward to present day and typically "alternative" footwear and fashion has found it's way into the mainstream.

Such a high demand for these cool and quirky items has meant that we have seen the recent opening of the Underground store on Berwick street, Their first outlet in over a decade!

The store manager tells us that they were the first to coin the term and therefor the pioneers of the creeper.

Exclusive to the store and a best seller, is the Izzue X Underground colab (pictured) with zipper trim and a row of heavy studs running vertically up the back, our eyes are most definitely caught.

Another exclusive available soon is the Cassette playa colab, so keep your eyes peeled for some awesomely foot stomping kicks!

8 Berwick Street