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Our top 5 ways to wear a headscarf to add a pop of colour to your style or just when your hair-dryer is having a bad day...

Trend Watch: All Wrapped Up

Granny chic at it's best, the head scarf comes into it's own this season and makes a perfect cover up when your having a bad hair day! Twisted, tied, plaited, here are our 5 favourite ways to wear this underdog of the head-wear world - see also our pick of the best looks on the street...

Rockabilly: Channel Amy Winehouse with a simple bandanna twisted and wrapped around the head as a band finishing with a neat tie.

Land Girl: Think 1940's practicality with most of the hair pinned and tucked inside, just the front on view. A scarf wrapped around the back of the head and tied on top with a simple bow - Kirby grips optional.

Hollywood: A la Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, very quick and easy with a simple square scarf folded in half and covering the head and hair with a tie under the chin. Perfect for a vintage open top sports car

Headband: Mirroring an Alice band, tie a long scarf across the forehead for a bohemian look or wear slightly higher up either showing the front of the hair and forehead or not. Play around with the thickness of the band and the tie; get creative with the loose ends by knotting, adding a big bow or just left trailing around the shoulders!

Farmers Girl: Very similar to the Hollywood but instead of tying the scarf under the chin, tie at the nape of the neck and under the V of the scarf.

The beauty of a headscarf is you can be as bold with pattern and print as you like. Try for an on-line selection of scarves small and large or there is also the very wonderful scarf hall all Liberty.