The Lounge

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The Lounge Soho gets a mini-makeover

We always like to keep thinks fresh and creative so we thought it was about time to give our reception area a mini make-over! 

The first aim was to improve the client waiting area and display our retail ranges in a much client friendlier way encouraging product browsing. Keeping with our modern design approach, we decided to opt for a feature wall clad in rose copper with sleek metal shelves housing our newly expanded Kevin Murphy range. Even though we are lucky that the hair care ranges we have so fussily chosen have beautiful packaging we are proud to display, it never hurts to add some added interest in the form of some potted in-door (or in-salon) plants. Although flowers are the traditional salon staple, we wanted to change things up with succulents galore nested in industrial, minimalist concrete pots dotted amongst a Heavy Hold Hairspray, NOU NOU Shampoo or Sea Salt Spray. Our friends at Grace & Thorne kindly stepped in and offered their 'plant decorating' expertise and now all we have to do is remember to water them!

But it's not all about retail, it's also all about our clients comforts and as it's also been a while since we indulged our clients in a designer sofa, we felt the time was right and this HAY classic was the perfect fit. Our reception desk also saw an upgrade with a mini-bar area to make our complimentary client offerings just that little bit more deliverable.

From gluten free brownies to festive mince pies, client treats have always been a focus, stepping things up further we have teamed up with the delectable Doisy & Dam to offer a selection of their organic, superfood chocolates. From Goji & Orange to Coffee & Sprouted Buckwheat there is a choice for all. We also now have fruit infused water you can help yourself too while you wait, choose between cucumber and mint, orange, lemon and lime or if thats a little to fancy we still serve plain 'tap'. 

Come and visit us soon and see what you think!