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We take to Lucy about her bespoke clothing and hair piece designs!

Stylist's Hidden Talents: Lucy

When Lucy is not in the salon getting creative with hair, she can probably be found at her sewing machine!

When did you start sewing and what first got you interested in it?

I inherited a sewing machine that I had always loved and I went on a beginners evening course one night a week just to learn the basics - from there I really taught myself!

Where do you wear your outfits?
I wear my outfits to work or at special do’s!

Where do you source your materials?
Shepherds Bush market its the best!

What inspires the outfits you make?
Any spare material gets me thinking of what i can fashion out of it. Also any clothes I see and like in magazines, on the streets, they all inspire me. At the moment I really enjoy redesigning my old clothes that I no longer wear, so changing neck lines and lengths etc. to create a more up to date style.

What inspired the hairpiece you decided to make and where did you find the elements to make it?
I make hair pieces using old jewels, broken necklaces and any other bits I come across.

Who can wear the head piece jewellery?
Anyone can wear these clips & hair pieces to give a quick glam look. Especially if you have no time to blow dry & style!

Lucy works in the salon cutting and colouring men and women's hair Tue-Sat.