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Sachajuan: Leading Haircare from Stockholm, Sweden

SACHAJUAN hair product line is driven by the beauty of simplicity. When founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind launched their range, they felt that haircare was becoming too complex and they wanted to make things easier for hairstylists and clients.

SACHAJUAN started as a hair salon Stockholm in 1997 and the salon environment is still the center of the product development, where products are not only created, but used infinitely after. Most importantly, they only create products that perform perfectly for daily professional hairdressing work. 

SACHAJUAN's approach to hair care is simple: cleanse, condition, and add treatments if needed, to build a uniform foundation for styling. The goal is to make hair look, feel and move like hair, but better. To do this, hair is viewed in three dimensions: surface, structure and shape, as each of these dimensions contributes to the form of the finished style. Though it’s not alive beyond the root, hair’s keratin structure can be made to look and feel the way you want, and take on different shapes, forms and textures. By strengthening and protecting hair’s natural characteristics, SACHAJUAN products can improve it – making it easier to care for and control.

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