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Product Profile: Alchemic Range

The Davines Alchemic range is a system of six shampoos and six conditioners specifically designed to enhance natural or colour treated hair resulting in vibrant and longer-lasting colours. Perfect for use in-between your colour service or just to pep up your natural hair shade, these highly pigmented range on products really do help to keep your hair colour look it's best! 

This colour is perfect for platinum blonde, highlighted or grey hair. It gently cleanses while neutralising brassy tones in coloured blonde hair and also it takes out any yellow discolouration from naturally grey hair - a salon best seller!

This colour is suitable for golden-blonde and honey-blonde hair. The shampoo and conditioner used together help to intensifying the warm colour and shine. 

This unusually names colour gently cleansing brown or light brown hair and helps maintain colour and shine.

A must for natural light red and copper hair.

Ideal for red or mahogany coloured hair helping to add depth and shine as well as condition.

Great for brunettes! This colour gently cleansing dark brown and black hair,while intensifying natural or cosmetic hair colours and is ideal when the products are used together.

Alchemic Shampoo's retail for £14.25 and the Alchemic Conditioner's retail for £18.25 - both are available to buy at The Lounge Soho.