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The perfect products for a beachesque finish without the need for a holiday!

Product Pick: Beachy Hair

Nothing looks as relaxed and naturally beautiful as long hair just after a dip in the sea. A little bit matt, bed-headesque and wavy, it's always an effortlessly cool look coveted by those looking for effortless chic hair.

Now the holidays are over, nothing sets a holiday tan off better than beachy hair. Stylist Carolina talks us through the products she recommends if your stuck in the city or you are a little sea shy!

 "For the perfect beach hair I would always recommend washing the hair with the SU/Shampoo (£13.45) (Is great for protecting your hair from the sun). Then apply a good amount of Davines Sea Salt Spray (£14.05) (5-6 pumps) and then dry the hair using a diffuser until it was 100% dry (for hair that’s less wavy you could always tong a few random pieces to enhance the wave and brush out softly). A great tip is to add some Davines Hair Refresher (£17.45) to the roots, this will help give body and is perfect to add a matt finish, then add a little Davines Strong Molding Clay
 (£18.90) to the ends and your good to go!"

Carolina cuts and colours hair in the salon on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.