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Platinum Blonde Hair

A hot hair trend for 2017, platinum blonde hair is certainly not for those after a subtle shade or looking for easy maintenance. Taking the plunge and going for a full head bleach is quite a hair commitment but the impact is worth it as long as you willing to put the time in at the salon and also on aftercare.

Firstly, no one should try and go for a platinum blonde colour at home, leave this type of colour to the professionals! Dying your hair platinum blonde can be damaging and in the hands of a hairdresser this damage can be limited especially with the inclusion of revolutionary new treatments such as Olaplex and Smartbond when added into the pre-lighter. Your hairdresser can also advise the perfect blonde that suits your skin tone which is also a big consideration; more ashy/platinum blondes suit those with a bluish tone to their skin whilst a warner honey blonde is much more suited to those with a yellowy complexion.

The process itself will likely take some time in the hairdressers chair. To get a super blonde a double application of pre-lightner may be required to lift your hair pigment to the desired shade. A toner will always be needed at the end to help achieve a beautifully clean blonde. Make sure your were comfortable clothes and pack a snack!

A one colour blonde from root to tip is not your only option, for a punky twist, embrace your dark roots or opt for the reverse and go for a 'dipped' looked just on the ends. You can also experiment with temporary pastel shades (in the form of either a take away pigmented shampoo or conditioner or an in-salon fashion colour) to change things up and give your hair a creative flair!

Once you have made the commitment to icy blonde hair, unless you are going for the grungy root, we would recommend a root top-up every 6-8 weeks to keep your blonde locks looking gorgeous. Regular potent in-salon treatments treatments like the Kevin Murphy Moisture TREAT.ME will help your hair to keep in a great condition doubled up with an ultra moisturising hair mask on a weekly basis will really help keep your hair conditioner at it's best.