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Pizza Pilgrims

Street food is having a moment. The latest offering comes in the form of The Pizza Pilgrims and their mini ape van cum Pizza Oven. Although relative newcomers to the Iconic Berwick St market in a short space of time they've managed to amass quite a fan club and we predict even bigger things for these pilgrims and their robin reliant.

We cornered Co-founder Thom for a quick Q&A...

Where did the idea come from? 

We had the idea after James spent some time at an Italian cooking school; he loved the pizza ovens they have there and had the idea to make one mobile

Why Berwick Street and are there any other places you'd like to spread the pilgrimage to?

Berwick Street is an iconic old market and such a central location. We are really hoping we can work with the guys who have been there for years to bring it back to it's former glory. The next step is to get some festivals under our belt.

Where are your Ingredients sourced?

We source the vast majority of our ingredients from italy. All the flour is imported from Napoli from the world famous Caputo Mill. All the San Mazarno tomatoes are imported from the foothill of Mount Versuvius. The Fior Di Latte (Mozarella) cheese is also from Italy. Do do however aim to have a twist of Britishness in there too like smoked garic and portobello mushroom straight from Berwick Street market!

Where do the topping ideas come from?

It's a combination really but they are mostly inspired by classic Neopolitana pizza toppings with a bt of experimentation thrown in! We are always aiming to build on clasic recipies and see what works.

Any plans on taking the Meat Liquor route and opening a restaurant?

We would obviously love to have a restairant or pizza bar but it's a bit early days. One step at a time!

Any tips for the folks out there who'd like to make pizza at home?

It is nigh on impossible to make a great Neapolitan pizza at home without an oven that can get upto huge 450 degree plus temperatures that are required. However, by cooking the dough on a really high heat in a frying pan before putting it into the hottest oven possible.

Well they've certainly managed to make believers of the team here at The Lounge Soho where we can be regularly spotted making a lunchtime pilgrimage. They even gave us the privilege of creating a Pizza in our honour! 

The Lounge Soho Special Ingredients: Mascarpone, Rocket, Smoked Garlic Oil and Corgettes. Delicious...

Find More info on the Pizza Pilgrims at their website or make your own lunchtime pilgrimage to Berwick Street Market during lunchtime hours.