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Pink Hair

What better way to make a statement that to dye your hair pink. It's not a hair colour for the faint hearted, but pink hair will certainly get you noticed and it was for this very reason Alice decided to take the plunge, not as a style statement but to back a good cause, Breast Cancer Now.

As if dying her hair pink was not enough, Alice decided she was going to take part in a sponsored 300 mile cycle through Eastern Europe from the scenic city of Budapest to the sunny, lively city of Zagreb and all in four days!. 

"I decided to take part in a cycle for charity because of my grandmother's death from breast cancer in 2000. Research and funding have made a huge difference in the survival rate of cancer patients, and I know that further support to the cause will make a cancer diagnostic as scary as a common cold." 

By contrast, we had the easy part! Turning Alice's hair from dark to pink all in one day is service that needs expert colour knowledge and luckily Hannah is our very own creative colourist who is no stranger to such radical hair transformations.

"In order to achieve this level of change in hair colour you really need to have some time on your hands. The full process took five and a half hours, start to finish so come prepared! Because Alice already had some previous colour in her hair I had to make sure that any lightening of the hair was carried out really carefully as to not aggravate the hair especially as we were going to be lifting her colour further during the pre-lightening service. In order to minimise the effects of bleaching the hair L'Oreal have come up with a perfect fix, Smartbond. Using Smartbond technology added into the colour at the mixing stage works to really strengthen the bonds of the hair."

When considering such a big hair colour change, it's important to invest in good homeware products as the hair colour will remain at it's best on healthy hair and colour fading will be reduced with the hair cortex remaining strong and healthy.

"To top up the pink colour at home, I advised Alice to use the Davines Alchemic Red Conditioner. The product can be diluted with her regular conditioner or applied as pure pigment.

Hannah is a Stylist/Technician and is available for cutting and technical services Tuesday - Saturday