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Pastel Hair

From candy floss pink, to baby blue we have been busy toning our clients hair an array of subtle creative hair colours for a few years now and we can defiantly call ourselves creative colour experts! 

Soft hues like these can suit most clients and are surprisingly sophisticated but the one thing you will need to bear in mind is the base colour, which almost always will need to be pre-lightened (bleached) unless you are lucky enough to have virgin white blonde hair. Starting with a platinum blonde hair colour ensures the end result will be the brightest version of the pastel colour you want and if you don't already have pre-lightened hair, this will be the first step which we would always recommend is done in-salon by a professional hairdresser.

Once the hair is sufficiently lightened, it's time to add the toner and choosing the exact pastel colour can be hard with so many options to choose from. Pastel peach tones enhance darker skin types, while rosé shades give blonde women a romantic look. Pale lilac shades as well as light blues and even steely grey create a cool and confident appearance. But the best part is, that as these rinses are not permanent, if you don’t quite like a hair colour you don’t have to wait long for it to wash out as colour rinses only last through a few shampoos. The negative is that the colour does not hold so you will need to be more mindful of using a sulphate shampoo especially designed for coloured hair.