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Party vibes... Hair up - 4 ways by stylist Maria

Party season has begun, with numerous festive activities on the cards, plenty of mulled wine and mince pies and of course lots of invitations to celebrate the season.

So if you are dreaming of being the bell of the ball but can't find the time to come into the salon and have your hair spruced up then we have just the ticket for you...

Our stylist Maria took on our challenge to create 4 'simple yet statement' hair up do's, easy enough for you to do yourself at home with our 6 step party hair up guide!

Sleek side part low looped bun
To begin you will need a comb, a brush, 2 elastic hairbands and a pack of bobby pins

Step 1 - Using your comb part you hair on one side in a side parting
Step 2 - Brush your hair through to smoothen
Step 3 - Fasten your hair into a low ponytail using an elastic hairband
Step 4 - Tuck the ponytail under to create a bun with the rest of the ponytail loose below and fasten with your second hairband
Step 5 - Wrap the loose end of the ponytail around the bun
Step 6 - Pin the bun in place and secure with pins, then spray with Davines Strong Hold Hairspray

Textured swept back chignon
To begin you will need a comb, section clips and a pack of bobby pins

Step 1 - Section your hair into two - pin the front section up and pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail (do not fasten with a hairband)
Step 2 - Wrap the loose ponytail around your hand in a clockwise direction, then slowly pull your hand out and pin with bobby pins
Step 3 - Take the front section, divide into three and backcomb using your comb, add Davines Texturiser for extra volume
Step 4 - Pull back the backcombed front sections to meet at the top of your pinned chignon and pin at the top right side of the chignon
Step 5 - Using your finger tips loosen the top section to add more volume
Step 6 - Spray with Davines Strong Hold Hairspray and finish with Davines Shimmer Spray

Rope twist braided bun
To begin you will need a comb, section clips, 1 elastic hairband and a pack of bobby pins

Step 1 - Split your hair into two sections- a front and back, the front section should be the hair in front of your ears, pull the back section into a ponytail and fasten with a hairband
Step 2 - Take the front section, part your hair in a middle parting then take the right side section and split into two, twist these sections to form a rope braid and pin with a section clip on the opposite side of your head
Step 3 - Take your ponytail and twist it round 
Step 4 - Then twist your twisted pony tail around into a bun and using your bobby pins secure at nape of your neck
Step 5 - Take your left section and create a twisted rope braid  (as per step 2)
Step 6 - Cross your twisted rope braids over and tuck into your bun with pins, finish with a spritz of Davines Shimmer Spray

3 Messy textured buns
To begin you will need a comb, 3 elastic hairbands and a pack of bobby pins

Step 1 - Part your hair into three equal sections and create three ponytails using your hairbands
Step 2 - Take your first ponytail section and twist 
Step 3 - Wrap your twisted ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins
Step 4 - Repeat with your other two ponytails
Step 5 - Using your fingers tease each bun by pulling the hair gently at opposite sides
Step 6 - Use Davines Medium Hold Spray to finish your hair

To book an appointment for an up do with Maria contact our reception team via email and send a current image of your hair and an example image of the preferred hairstyle you would like us to achieve for you.

For more hair up inspiration check out our Mod Hair post on the Journal for our guide to creating a Brigitte Bardot style up do hairstyle.