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Our 2014 Top 5 Best sellers

Our 2014 Top 5 Best sellers

We thought we would share our top 5 salon product best-sellers - stylist Paula talks us through each product and why they are so popular...

 1st Nou Nou Shampoo £13.45
“It’s light in consistency so very good for coloured hair; it helps to keep your colour lasting longer and enhances shine as well as the colour.”

 2nd OI/Shampoo £14.90
“A treatment that gives softness,shine and body. A nourishing shampoo for dry or damaged hair, also good as an every day shampoo!."

 3rd Nou Nou Conditioner £14.80
"Great in conjunction with Nounou Shampoo as it seals the hair and locks the colour tones in."

 4th Sea Salt Spray £14.50
“Perfect for giving oomph to blow-dries and it gives great natural volume to the hair, especially when added to the roots when wet.
It can be added to dry hair to create a beachy look."

5th OI/Milk £17.75
"Conditioning cream that protects against hair dryer heat & every day elements. It contains an oil that gives your hair a smooth finish & added shine"

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