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Ombre for Pat by Tiffany

New client Pat's hair was naturally very thick and wavy with a dark brown natural base. Pat came in to see our L'Oreal Colour Specialist Tiffany as she had previously had ‘balayage’ but it was too warm and not blended enough so it looked rather 'blocky' and needed the help of our super colourist.

"We decided that going for a cool caramel blonde would suit Pat's olive skin tone and also enable her to go lighter without the maintenance of traditional highlights."

Tiffany used the balayage technique of freehand painting on the lengths and backcombing the hair to give a soft finish, in addition to removing some of her existing 'balayage' block colour by blending it into her natural hair with a semi-permanent. An ammonia- free L'Oreal lightener was used to avoid damaging her hair throughout the process. Once the colour had developed it was then washed out using Davines Nou Nou shampoo range for colour processed hair. Tiffany finished and styled Pat's hair using Davines OI oil to add shine and moisture.

While dramatic Ombre hair like Pat's original 'balayage' was increasingly popular over the past few years for long to mid-length hair and even shorter hair, 2015 has seen a more natural looking sun-kissed balayage prevail. Think of those natural highlights and golden ends you sported as a teenager after 6 weeks summer holidays... there you have Sombre and Ecaille - two versions of balayage colouring techniques that have come into the spotlight. 

So what's the difference you ask?....

Sombre stands for Subtle Ombre - so a more natural looking grown out 'ombre', focusing on also adding darker tones to the ends for a more gradual transition. Its a worn in look with ribbons of colour and grows out beautifully without the harshness of Ombre.

Ecaille is the french word for Tortoiseshell, and is a more sophisticated and refined version of Ombre. The colour is multidimensional and involves adding a slightly richer and darker shade of your natural colour paired with golden highlights. This style gives great shine and depth to your hair leaving it looking luxurious.

Our Client Pat was extremely pleased that Tiffany was able to take her original warm contrast ombre and create a glossy multi-faceted balayage that was beautifully blended and will grow out easily as she desired.

So, should you dye your hair?... If you are unsure of which technique or style is right for you then book in for a complimentary consultation with our stylist Tiffany, or send your photo to -

*(Photo 1 shows Pat's hair when she arrived at the salon with her existing balayage, photos 2-6 show the process stylist Tiffany undertook to achieve a more natural and blended balayage for Pat, photo 7 shows Pat's finished colour from the front and photo 8 shows her hair from the back).

Look out for our upcoming posts on the Sombre and Tortoiseshell balayage techniques!