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New-wave Perm

When you are looking to add natural movement to your straight hair and you are done with reaching for the tongs each morning, our Permanent Waving service (perm for short) could be just for you!

The perm has had an update. Long gone are tight crock screw curls reminiscent of 1980's pop queens, today's new-wave perms leave you with a far gentler look. Old school perm rods are now replaced with foam rollers which are bigger and softer allowing for a perm that is customised to each client. The way the rods are placed and the size used, make the permanent wave service uniquely personal. 

At The Lounge Soho, our pre-perm consultation involves a detailed overview of the clients hair to suggest the best possible perm result. We are really focused on each perm being totally authentic to each client, there is no longer a one size fits all approach and a variety of looks can be achieved. 

Things you may want to know...

What are the stages of a perm? Depends on the hair type but the first step is to shampoo, then the rollers go in, after the waving lotion is applied and left to process 15 to 25 minutes. Finally, the hair is rinsed with neutraliser applied for 10 minutes, rinsed again and dried. 

How long does the service take? Anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.

Who is a perm best suited to? Clients who are looking to add volume, texture, curl or shaping to their hair.

Who is not suitable for a perm? Anyone with bleached hair or previous straightening.

How much does a perm cost? From £104

Will it damage hair? Depending on the strength of the lotion we use it can make the hair sensitive, but it does not damage the hair if it is done right.

Can you have a perm on coloured hair? Yes you can but it is always best to have a consultation before and never on hair with Henna. It is a chemical process so it can lift your colour a bit.

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