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The Lounge Soho Recommends - New To Soho: The Juice Well

New To Soho: The Juice Well

Residing on no.4 Peter Street, our new Soho neighbours The Juice Well entices you to cleanse and detoxify your body with their cold pressed juices and super-food smoothies. They create their juice in specialised machines which spin at 79rpm rather than the normal 2000rpm, this ensures the juice is much creamier and retains more of its natural nutrients. They provide two different 1 or 2 'day cleanses', the Rainbow Cleanse and the Green Cleanse. Both cleanses provide you with more than 100% of your RDA of vital vitamins & minerals, "revitalising & energising your body and at the same time shifting some weight". All their staff are friendly and trained nutrionists; especially helpful at suggesting specific juices for your own personal heath needs and requirements. 

Their superfood smoothies are rich and creamy, leaving you feeling full of good health karma. One of their favourite recommended ingredients is Maca powder; an ancient mineral used for heightening the libido. You'll find lots of interesting combinations on the receipe full of ingredients to pack a healthy punch into your daily food routine. 

If you're feeling peckish but arent wanting to reach for the fatty stuff, they also dehydrate their own fruit and snacks in-house tickling your tastebuds with pouches of dried pear, pineapple and deliciously unusual spicy kale crisps. 

Our personal favourite juice is the Green & Lean whichis highly alkalizing, this is important for the renewal of cells, reducing inflammation and for general health and wellbeing. This juice also helps cleanse the liver and expel toxins, great for a post weekend detox.

The Juice Well
4 Peter Street