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New Products: Davines Oi Range

New Products: Oi Range

Oi / All in one milk (£17.55)
Leave-in multi-benefit milk spray serves as a great de-tangling solution, adding shine, controlling frizz, facilitates blow-drying, with heat protection and also offering exceptional conditioning effects. Use after shampoo on roots and ends; leave-in and style.

OI Shampoo (£15.20)
A delicate and creamy shampoo that gives hair extraordinary softness, shine and body. It is an ideal treatment before applying the Oi Milk and OI Oil.

Oi Conditioner (£16.40)
A creamy conditioner that helps to accelerate the drying process, protecting the structure of the hair from blow dryers and straighteners or by damages caused by mechanical stress.

OI Oil (£30.90)
A salon best-seller, the OI Oil gives hair amazing softness, shine combined with an effective de-tangling and anti-frizz action. It also has an intense antioxidant and anti-free radical action. Apply 2-3 squeezes to damp hair and distribute evenly through the lengths and ends, then style.