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New In Salon: Davines SU Range

New In Salon: SU Range

It's not just your skin that needs protection on a beach holiday, your hair is just as susceptible to the damage caused by not only the sun but also chlorine from pools and salt from the sea. Colour fade, dryness and breakages all occur when hair is not treated pre and post exposure and the SU range from Davines has all your hair bases covered...

SU/Cream: Protective, Moisturising Sun Cream (£17.95)
This cream is used to protect against the sun during the day. It is especially effective on medium/fine hair when applied to dry hair, focussing on the ends - slick back into a ponytail for easy maintenance.

SU/Shampoo (£13.75)
A renewing and protective shampoo ideal for hair exposed to sun, chlorine and salt. This rich shampoo moisturises and softens hair whilst protecting it from damage caused by dehydration. Leaves hair soft, silky shiny and is
particularly good for coloured hair.

SU/Pak (£18.70)
This is a complete anti-ageing treatment for hair damaged by chlorine as well as the elements. Replaces softness, moisture and shine to the driest and most damaged hair. For use after SU Shampoo, apply to wet hair and leave for 5-15 minutes depending on hair condition, then rinse thoroughly.

SU/Leave-in Conditioner (£18.70)
A spray, leave in conditioner to moisturise hair damaged by the sun and sea water. It leaves hair soft and prevents the deterioration of natural and cosmetic colour. Spray into wet hair and comb through without rinsing.