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Hair at London Fashion Week Hair at London Fashion Week Hair at London Fashion Week Hair at London Fashion Week Hair at London Fashion Week

Nancy's fashion week hair trends!

Ashish - headed up by the glorious Sam McKnight. This screams ethereal goddess vibes I love the shells, coins, ribbon and flowers in this woven into the hair almost disjointedly, taking it away from the fabrics woven into braiding we’ve seen time & time again. I like how undone this collection is, it’s raw yet so thought out. Definitely one of the favourites from the season. Client friendly undone textures, inspiring clients to maybe think about adding items of interest to compliment their look into their hairstyle for a event.

Swedish School of Textiles - I love the bohemian yet extra terrestrial vibes coming through in this collection. The beautiful soft braided hair is really complimentary to the pretty feminine looks in the clothing. I like the contrast of the headpieces to give it a almost alien like feeling just gives the looks the touch of interest that makes you look at the whole completed look and just not the clothing. I think these are really client friendly looks, just maybe without the headpiece.

Caroline Hu’s - It’s all inspired by a ethereal love story. I like the nod to 70s pirate chic with just one log earring that were noticeable through quite a lot of the collection. I think the intricate designs of the beautiful embroiDEdered florals and fabrics are a nice contrast to the wild yet tame shape they’ve created on the hair.