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Men's Hair Trend Bleach As Featured By GQ

They may have taken a while to catch on but the guys have jumped on the pre-lightened blonde hair bandwagon and bleached men's hair has become a strong trend for 2017. But the question is, should you dye your hair platinum blonde and thats exactly what GQ came to the salon to find out.

With 20 years experience, we are specialists when it comes to men's hair colour and using the latest Smartbond technology we are able to offer striking results for those male clients looking to transform their hair colour from brown to blonde. It's a service that some try themselves over the kitchen sink but is best left to the experts particularly when it comes to advising which shade of blonde will suit your skin tone, thats if you decide to go for a clean blonde and not an array of pastel colour that are also possible!

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Photos: Dom Flemming