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Meet The Modern Mullet

First things first, why is everyone getting a Mullet? You’ve noticed them on the street, on a famous Netflix programme (cough Tiger King cough) and adorned by so many celebrities over the years. It is true, the mullet hairstyle is taking over. Take it from me, It is by far my most requested haircut in the salon at the moment. 

But what is a Mullet I hear you say? The definition of the Mullet is that the hair on the top and sides of your head is short and long at the back. This is a very basic summary of a haircut that has so many variations. I never cut and style two mullets the same, it is very much dependant on face shape, personal style, lifestyle and so much more. And it’s safe to say, I can make a Mullet out of anything!

So now you’re thinking... but I could never have a Mullet! The thing is, you CAN!

A lot of people are committing to growing their hair after being forced by the recent lockdown. This is easier said then done as, most of us will know, if you’ve ever grown your hair out It’s a NIGHTMARE. So I’m here to save the day. A Mullet will add shape and texture around the face while being able to keep the post lockdown hair length. Have your curls gone lank from the weight of the extra length? No problem, this cut will spring them back to life. Is your fine hair feeling thinner than ever? I got you babe, this haircut will add a crazy amount of volume and body to your hair. This style is feminine and strong and both modern and retro. 

For more examples of my work check out my Instagram @lulurichardss and stay tuned for a tutorial on ‘How to style the perfect Mullet’ and which products and tools to use...

Lulu is a Senior Stylist at The Lounge Soho