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Master Stylist & Senior Technician Louis Q&A

What is the worst hair trend you can remember? "Victoria Beckhams 2007 haircut and the Emo massive side swept fringe."

What is in your fridge? "Nothing because I always cook as I go along - the fresher the better!"

If you could be an animal, which would you be and why? "An elephant because its calm, kind, wise and a team player."

Do you have a guilty pleasure? "Yes, 2000 pop music and watching Book Review on youtube."

Who’s hair would you love to ‘make over’ and why? "My mum's because she the most important person to me. I know it's a bit needy but it's true."

What is the best advice you can give to someone about their hair? "Don’t wash it too often and be you!"

If you could bring back any haircut throughout time, which would it be? "Farah Fawcett's big blow-dry or Cher's stepped haircut and curly 80's shape."

Describe your best Sunday? "Reading in a quiet coffee shop"

The best film you saw recently? "I don’t watch TV but I did I really liked Queen and Slim."