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Lash Lab X The Lounge Soho

Offering her services to salon clients and beyond, Sarah has a unique approach to her craft, creating beautiful curated eyebrows and eyelashes that are the talk of Soho!

Give a little info about your background and why/how you got into lash extensions? "After school i went to college and took an NVQ level 2&3 course in Beauty Therapy for two years, after college i took a job within a spa as a Elemis facialist and massage therapist and to be honest i hated it. It was a very quiet and monotonous, i just felt like a robot that worked every weekend at the age of 18 when really i wanted to be partying and socialising. After just under two years at Bannatynes spa i then moved into a hair and beauty salon environment, i found my true passion in gel nails, HD brows and  also took a course in eyelash extensions and became fully booked with those 3 services alone very quickly."

Why do clients come to you in particular, what do you offer that sets you apart from other technicians? "I mean without asking my clients directly, i would like to think i firstly i make them feel fabulous when they leave my chair mentally and physically and OBSESSED with their eyelash or eyebrow service. I feel i'm more than just a "lash/brow" technician, not only do i look to better my skillset and keep up to date with all beauty trends and offer that to my clients. I genuinely love to build more than just a client relationship with my TLL babes - we go for dinner and drinks occasionally, and a lot of them know more about my life than some of my best friends do and vice versa :)"

What services do you offer? "Eyelash Extensions (classic, hybrid, light volume and mega volume), Lash Lift (mainly known as LVL), Brow tinting/waxing, Brow Lamination, Eyelash tinting"

What is your favourite service and why? "My favourite service at the moment is Brow Lamination - its the latest brow trend on the market and the results are instantaneous and lasts up to 6-8 weeks!!! I do this on myself and i can safely say i will never look back or look for anything more for my brows."

How would your clients describe you? "Extreme perfectionist, their life coach/therapist lol, some may call me the lash and brow queen of soho ;)"

What lashes were you most proud of? "Without sounding cliche but ALL OF THEM!"

Who has been your best client and why? "I cant pick just one... they're all the best!! I guess my OG's that have followed me from salon to salon for almost 2 years now of me moving to London. They're my ride or die's."

Is there such a thing as lash trends? If so, what is the trend of the moment? "Yes i would say they constantly change, but right now i get asked a lot for Kylie Jenner inspo lashes which are soft and wispy using light volume fans for that effortless fluffy look."

Who is the ideal candidate for your services? "There is no ideal candidate for my services, there is something for all!"

(Client Evie had the Lash Lift service in the pictures)


Lashes                                                        Brows

Classic Full Set                      £80              LABrow Tint                                £15

Classic Infills                         £40              LABrow Shape                             £15

Cashmere Full Set                £90              LABrow Combi (shape & Tint)    £25

Cashmere Infills                    £45              Upper Lip Wax                              £8

Hybrid (classic/volume mix) £90

Hybrid Infills                           £45

Natural Volume Full Set        £100

Max Volume Full Set              £120

Max Volume Infills                  £60

Lux Mink Volume Full Set      £130

Lux Mink Volume Infills          £65

If you are interested in any Lash Lab eyebrow and eyelash services please call the salon reception to find out Sarah's availability...