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Iconic hairstyles by Stylist Mark

Freja Beha Erichsen"Messy and textured with serrated edges which gives her an individual and personal look. It is touchable and seamless, a model-esque 'Girl Interrupted' which really works for this scandinavian beauty."

Annie Lennox"Her 80's military crop haircut with acidic orange colour was such a strong look it broke boundaries. A severe cut contrasting against her flawless delicate features. Annie was so forward thinking for the time and she worked androgyny perfectly."

Kristen Mcmenamy - "So ethereal she could almost be a unicorn! Her exaggerated ice queen hair is striking against her pale complexion. Kristen's look is clean fresh and otherworldly. Purely dreamy."

FKA Twigs - "Modern and urban with natural unruly texture. As an artist she is powerful and original while her style is innovative and brave. She often changes up her hair by playing around with braids but for me its at its best when its wild and untamed with a few well placed kiss curls!"

Kim Ann Foxman - "This look is so strong yet unforgiving! Kim works masculine with graphic hard edges. The epitome of honing shrunken proportions and balancing a geometric shape, she commands your attention with her unconventional androgynous presence."

(photos from top left clockwise - Freja, Annie, Kristen, FKA Twigs, Kim Ann)