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Chanel My Little Pony with multi-coloured hair as it's here to stay for SS13. Stylist Fran shows us how she achieves this statement look...

How To: Creative Colour

Creative hair colours are not going anywhere fast for SS13 and with model Chloe Norgaards' rainbow hair getting her noticed on the catwalk, this trend is here to stay and only for those who really want to stand out.

Inspired by the iridescent colours of her new purse from COMME des GARCONS and a classic photo of Kate Moss, Fran got to work on Marie's hair and dubbed the final result 'wavy mermaid' - she shares the full process below...

1. Pre-lightening the hair (bleaching) is the first step in getting the finished look, it's a lengthy process that involves commitment but essential if you want a bright or pastel colour. Alternatively, the final colour can be adapted if you have a darker base colour, but the results would not be as bright. As Marie already had light ends, I just had to pre-lighten her roots to create a uniform 'bleached' base colour. I started applying pre-lightner the just below the roots where she had some visible re-growth, after applying it all over, going as far as the scalp - I left this mixture on to develop for 45 mins to an hour.

2. Once the pre-lightening process had finished and her dark hair had lightened up, salon assistant Kelsey washed out all the pre-lightener from Marie's hair thoroughly using Davines NOU NOU shampoo (£13.45) for coloured hair, making sure the hair was clean. An appropriate Wella hair toner was then applied with a brush, rubbing in where required to counteract any orangey tones.

3. I then mixed the semi-permanent 'Crazy Colour' hair dye with some Davines LOVE conditioner (£14.80) (mixing the two helps to soften the colour and adding the conditioner helps to condition the hair). I decided to apply two different shades of pink, adding the a darker one to the roots with the remaining green and purple colours added to the tips of the hair. Once all the colour had been applied it was left to process for 45 mins.

4. When the 45mins were over, Kelsey then washed all of the hair colour out again with shampoo, towel dried it and then blow dried her damp hair with a round brush to create some soft curls helping to highlight the colour. She then also used the Davines OI/Oil (£29.65) to finish.

The whole service takes approx. 2hrs including the processing but if such a bold colour statement is too much for you, but you still want to experiment with colour in a more subtle way, pastel shades either dip-dyed at the ends or a few streaks through the hair can work just as well. Ideally the hair should not be too over processed to start with. As crazy colour is semi-permanent it will last 6-8 weeks and fade gradually which can add to the grungy feel. I would also recommend using a colour care products like Davines NOU NOU shampoo (£13.45) and conditioner (£14.80) to maintain the colour and using a mask once a week like the NOU NOU Pak (£16.95) to keep on top of the condition between services.

This service costs between £175 - £200 depending on the length, type of hair and of course how brave you are with the final colour! We would also always recommend coming in for an initial free consultation before any colour service.

Fran works in the salon on Mondays from 10-7, Tuesdays from 10-8, Fridays from 10-8 and Saturdays 9-6.