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Follow our guide to using heated rollers to get a voluminous and glamorous hair style...

How To Use Heated Rollers

If you have ever wondered how to get BIG hair worthy of any red carpet event, sometimes a brush and hair-dryer will not get the glamorous effect needed. When you need a seriously voluminous hair style only a classic set of curlers will do.

Stylist Lucy, show how easy it is to create a versatile look that is achievable at home when you follow her step-by-step guide below...

You will need:
Heated rollers (Boots - £29.99)
Hair Spray (Davines Medium hold spray £16.40)
Bobby Pins to match your hair colour (Boots - £2.39)
Tail Comb (£2.99 Boots)
Paddle Brush (Denman - Boots £7.49)
Vent brush (Denman - Boots £5.99)

1. Begin with freshly washed hair as it is always a lot easier to set and far more pliable when clean. We would recommend using Davines: Love Curl enhancing Shampoo (£13.45) and Conditioner (£14.65) as this will help maintain any shape and height created with the rollers. Spray your hair with a heat protecting product like the MELU / Sheild £20.50 all through the lengths and ends to protect and hold and rough dry.

2. Starting from the front of your hair, gradually begin to section off the hair with the end of the tail comb. Use a small roller at first and sequentially work your way back increasing the rollers in size, for a larger curl and place a few smaller rollers around the base of the hairline. Try to keep the sections small (see pictures) and take into consideration your desired result - place the rollers where you wish to create the most height. Leave to set for 10 minutes or until the rollers have cooled.

3. When ready, start removing the rollers one by one starting from the back of the hair working forwards. You will notice that tight waves and curls would have been created.

4. Before brushing out you may want to just gently comb your fingers through the hair and you will notice the hair slowly starting to take shape all by itself. Depending on the desired affect and how dramatic you would like your curls there are different options to and steps to follow. If you want a smooth finish use a denman paddle brush, however if you prefer a more raked look, use your fent brush which will loosen the curls without blending them together and smoothing them down. Rollers facilitate hair versatility, the buoyancy of the hair means it is very easy to style and there are many ways to do so!

5. Once you are happy with the direction of the style (try both sides of part for a different finish as Lucy did in the two 'After' pic's), either spray the hairspray to finish or add bobby pins in places you want to pin and you are set!

Lucy loves this hair as it is inspired and influenced by her own personal style of vintage and glamour. This is a more accessible and modernised take on Hollywood retro that is adaptable to each person, which is reflected in the pictures - Lucie played with a few different variants before choosing one she felt complimented Mia’s personal style and bone structure.

If you would like to have your hair done like this professionally, Lucy works in the salon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.