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Hair piece for Susie Bubble

The lovely Susie Bubble stopped by for a fringe trim with our stylist Mark and they got to talking about hair colour - the pros and cons and alternative options for freshening up your hair without committing to a permanent change.

"Too chicken to hit the bleach" Mark suggested Susie try a hair piece to change up her hair.

Inspired by bubblegum colours stylist Mark got to work on creating a bespoke hair piece for Susie.

Mark started off with icy white blonde 22 inch human hair extensions and began colouring the hair using different shades of crazy colour in neons.

Once the first stage was complete a band of black to match Susie's natural hair colour was created at the top and the bottom of each hair weft.

The end result was a set of customised fiber optic hair extensions that produced an illusion of iridescent changing colours through movement. You can watch our video of the hair in motion on Instagram.

As Susie's hair is super silky we needed to created some traction to allow the clips to stay in place and hold, so our stylist Tiffany braided 3 tracks of corn rows on each side of her head to create a chevron of plaits for the clips to grip onto. Mark then fitted the extensions and showed Susie how to manage them herself and create different styles.

Colour creativity at its finest!