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hair idols short blonde curly hair

Kim Basinger in 9.5 Weeks – For this cult 80's erotic drama, Kim wore her blonde hair with a sultry twist. The soft waves and messy locks suited her part as a sexy, emotionally challenged Art Gallery worker perfectly! To recreate the look a perm would have been the option in the 80's but now a set of tongs and some patience is all that's needed.

Partricia Arquette in True Romance – Patricia Arquette's character Alabama is rebellious, kitsch and fun hooker with a quirky style. She wore her bleached hair middle parted and flicked at the sides for a semi-set look easiliy achieved now with the help of some GHD's tipped on their side and used to curl. 

Kelly McGillis in Top Gun – An iconic feminine 80’s haircut for a tomboyish character Kelly’s hair softened her Flight Instructors image by keeping her style playful and cute. Much like the Basinger look above, tongs or a perm would be needed to acheive the look.