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Debbie By Warhol Debbie By Warhol

Hair Heroes - blondie

Blondie: A timeless hair icon.

With her razor-sharp cheekbones and disheveled hair, Debbie Harry (aka Blondie) was the first fierce woman in punk rock and defined the New York look with her tough attitude and fearless style.

Most known for her messy fully-fringed and blunt cut bob, Blondie brought a bit of punk glamour to hair history in the 70’s with fully-loaded platinum layers later featuring a wide swath of inky black ends. Harry’s hair has inspired no shortage of copycats (think Freya Behan, Kate Moss, Taylor Momson). And while the look seemed ever so coolly contrived, the whole ‘do was apparently just a matter of convenience.

“I did it for practical purposes because I was always doing my own hair and I didn’t think I could do the back. But I ended up really liking having the back be this sort of dark side of the moon. Because when I was in school, that was one of my nicknames: Moon. It seemed perfect, that here I was with the bright side of the moon and the dark side of the moon.”

 Long may she reign!