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Davines Essential Haircare Plant Pots

One of the reasons we are such Davines fans is because of their sustainable approach to beauty. They go out of their way to make sure that their product packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible and their natural ingredients are sourced respectfully. 

To show our support, we have up-cycled the new Davines Essential Haircare conditioner pot's and filled them with cacti and succulent plants that are perfect for the forgetful gardner! Why not have a go yourself...

What you will need:

One or more empty Davines conditioner pots

One or more cacti or succulent plants (available at any good garden centre)

One small bag of 

One spoon and a pair of gardening gloves (only if you don't like getting your hands dirty!)

What you need to do:

1. Once your conditioner has run out, give the container a good wash with soapy water or pop it into the dishwasher so it gets super clean.

2. Fill the pot with soil suitable for cacti planting (available at most garden centre's) and create a little hole in the middle ready for the plant

3. Remove the plant from it's original pot trying to keep as much of it's original soil around the root and pop it into the hole you have created in the new soil and pot.

4. Add more new soil around the freshly potted plant and gently press down around the stem to make sure the plant is stable but not too hard.

5. Wait a few days before watering so the plant can settle and then you will only need to water occasionally there after.

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