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Davines Alchemic - Copper. Fantastic way to enhance your hair colour subtly!

Davines Alchemic - Copper

Here's a gorgeous example of how the Davines Alchemic range can bring vibrancy to your hair. Being a company focused on natural products and sustainability, we love how you can use these Davines products more than once and is a fun refresher for your hair. Perfect for use between your usual colour service or just to pep up your natural hair shade, these highly pigmented range of products really do help to keep your hair colour look it's best! We previously posted about the red conditioner we used on assistant Mia, and wanted to show off the brilliant copper shampoo & conditioner as it is much more subtle but no less impressive. 

The copper shampoo and conditioner lasts around 6/8 washes and enhances the pigments in your hair whether your hair is coloured or completely natural. It is also a great way of testing out if you would like to go brighter in your shade of hair before booking in for a colour change.

A helpful tip from our assistant Hannah is to mix the colour tinted conditioner with normal white Davines conditioner if you want to lighten the shade, works amazingly well with the red to give a faint splash of colour. 

You can chose to either buy the products or have it as a colour treatment option during your appointment. Here are the full Davines Alchemic range options.

Client Style: Krysty by Ferdia.