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Curly Hair Tip's

What things do you need to consider when cutting curly hair? The first question I would ask the client is how much you are they actually wanting to take off the length because curly hair shrinks when it's dry. Secondly, what shape and style and if the client wanted to enhance the texture or keep the curl under control.

Is there a special cutting technique you need to use when cutting curly hair? Often with curly hair you just need to see how it falls and where the curl goes, it's very visual.

Are there any styles you would not recommend for curly hair? Most hair styles work well with curly hair but because of the texture it gives completely different effect. I probably would not do very extreme A-line bob on curly hair, otherwise it could end up looking like dogs ears!

What hair colour looks good on curly hair and what would you recommend? All over, darker, richer shades will make the hair look more glossy and shiny, it's a very good option if you are growing your hair and want it to look healthier as curly hair is often more dry than straight. If the client wants to enhance the texture and make the hair look thicker I would suggest highlights, low lights to have different depth in the hair. 

What are the differences you need to consider if you are a client with curly hair? Always make sure how much shorter you actually want to go that's why the consultation is important because the stylist is going to judge how much hair needs to come off because when it's wet it looks longer.

What would you recommend to a client who wants to keep a natural looking curl everyday but wants a style that is easy to manage? Keep it medium length or slightly longer so the client can wear it down with nice curl and there is option to put it up as well. The Davines LOVE family of products are going to give necessary nourishment, frizz control and shine exactly what someone with curly hair is looking for. 

What would you recommend if a client wants a style they can wear straight occasionally? I would not suggest to go short with the layers and in general would keep the hair longer. Longer it is heavier it is so the curl is not as active. 

Any drying tips for curly hair?  Dry it with diffuser or leave it to dry naturally. Before drying apply Davines OI/All In One Milk to help nourish and also protects the hair from the heat. Use a small amount of the OI/ Oil just on the ends and twist the hair in smaller or bigger twists - this technique helps to remove the frizz and gives more definition. A great product if the client wants more hold is the Davines LOVE Curl Cream. If the client is straightening their hair with hair straighteners they need to make sure they use ones where you can change the temperature setting and not to go too high with the temperature. They need to be very careful because curly hair is more dry and using more heat on it is going to dry the hair even more. Don't skip the conditioner because that's a very important part in nourishing the hair and at the end use OI/Oil or MINU Serum just to take make the hair extra smooth and shiny.  

Curly hair we love.. Anne Clark or better know as the the musician St. Vincent always manages to keep her curly hair looking different with creative cuts and colours that never loose her natural curl.

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