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Creative Freehand Hair Colouring Workshop

Creative Freehand Hair Colouring Workshop

If you want to brighten your hair for summer or dip into the world of hair colour but shy away because of the commitment and maintenance take a peek at our stylists getting creative using freehand in other words not a foil in sight) hair colouring techniques at a recent in-salon workshop. This technique allows the stylists to create a more bespoke hair colour design and can be a great way to introduce colour to your hair without the need to get your roots coloured so frequently or even welcomes new pallets of colour into your hair subtly over time. So get playful with colour this summer!

Painted Plaits Technique by Fran (top left style)

"I began by plaiting 5 braids into the models hair, then using pre-lightener I painted the hair in areas that I wanted the hair to be lightened. The hair was then rinsed out, re-plaited and toned with two different reds. I Styled to finish to show off models natural curls"

Freehand highlights by Karin (top right style) by Karin:

"I chose to keep the model's roots a deeper blonde whilst lifting the tone of the mid-lengths and very slighty lifting the colour even lighter on the tips. Gradual and subtle, this technique gives depth and variety through the model's soft honey delicate blonde tones."

Soft Balayage by Paula (left style by Paula)

"I used freehand highlights to frame my models face, working the colour through the end lengths to pick up on her natural sun kissed blonde areas. This technique helps the colour to lasts longer, enhances natural sun induced highlights, is less maintenance over other methods of going lighter and also disguises any regrowth."

Bottom right style by Michael: New colour Ombre.

"The model had never had coloured hair so I introduced lighter colours by using a Balayage board to paint on the colour freehand into the ends of the hair. This technique is brilliant for creating bespoke hair colour design whether introducing lighter or darker colours. Creative freehand painted on strips can also accentuate and compliment the the shape of the cut."

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