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Colour Correction

By far one of the most common reasons clients visit the salon for a colour correction service is home hair dying sessions that have gone wrong. Occasionally, another hair salon can be the culprit or sometimes clients simply change their mind after they’ve coloured their hair. It is very important to get expert help, but whatever the reason for colour correction there is no reason to fret, our stylists have seen them all before and will have the hair colour know how and skills to correct your hair colour nightmare.

If you want to change the colour of your current hue, it is not just as simple as applying a new shade over the top. There are many things to consider including if lightened by the sun, or there is a build-up of hair colourants and most likely there will be root re-growth in your hairs natural colour. Complex situations like these will require a hair colour expert who has been specifically trained in dealing with such problems and luckily we have more than a few of these. Often each section of your hair needs individual attention using different techniques, shades and tones to get an overall even colour. Our team of highly experienced hair stylists have all attended the Colour Change course at the L'Oreal academy so we can have your hair colour back to the way you want it in no time at all. In fact, most of our technical stylists relish such a challenge and enjoy the getting your hair back to the best possible hair colour and condition! Luckily, we also have miracle hair treatments like Olaplex and Smartbond at our disposal which can significantly enhance coloured hair with their much needed reparative effects.