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And you thought perms were only for 80's throw backs...

Client Style Permanent Wave Service

When most people think of the word perm (permanent wave) they automatically think of huge 80's do's with corkscrew curls, or little old ladies with blue rinses. But the perm is a versatile service that can help bring life to super straight, lank hair by creating texture and much needed volume.

If you look back in time, during the First World War women's work roles were adapted to more masculine ones and out of practicality, shorter hair-styles were sported. Perms were at first a popular method to keep shorter cuts interesting and more appealing but the perm has adapted and changed to suit many hair fashions throughout the decades (think disco!).

The perm is back, but this time it's a new incarnation with a much looser and accessible curl that offers and gentle wave. A great example of when such a service comes into it's own is a messy, beachy wave look when poker straight hair just won't cut it! Carolina talks us through just such an example where she used the L'Oreal Dulcia Advanced Service on client Maxi...

What did the client ask for and why?
A lose wave that could be easily styled into a beachy look or tosseled to softer curl; Alexa Chung's effortless hair was the inspiration. Even though Alexa's hair is generally more tonged and smoothed it still has that relaxed wave we wanted to achieve.

What did you recommended and why?
After having a couple of consultations we established that this would be the best service for Maxi. Going for slightly stronger wave which would require less effort to get the curl defined and hold a softer wave for longer.

What did you do?
On the day Maxi's hair was shampooed then set on large rollers and the lotion was applied. After a period of processing, the hair is rinsed and while still in rollers another lotion was used to set the hair into its new shape. After treatment hair can not be washed for 48 hours.

How long did the whole service take and how much did it cost?
It takes 2-4 hours depending on length of hair and size of rollers. The service for mid-length hair is priced at £150.

What products should the client use to maintain the perm?
Looking after wavy or permed hair is a little different, especially if you are used to straight hair, but it’s not difficult.
I would suggest using Love curl enhancing Shampoo (£13.45) and Conditioner (£14.65) to maintain and NOUNOU Pak (£16.95), one a week.

Is there anything she should avoid?
Over washing and drying her hair, drying it very straight too often will stretch out the wave.

Who is a perm not suitable for?
Anyone with processed hair, as the hair will not take to the treatment.

What other perms can we offer ?
All hair takes the wave slightly differently, most clients wanting perms ask for a looser wave or a more relaxed one, but options are in no way limited to loose waves.Different curls are achievable when using different sized curlers to set.
We can also do partial waving, for instance a fringe that needs a bit if bend or a crown that needs a lift.

How does a perm grow out?
It's a permanent treatment, therefore it does not disappear form the hair and has to grow out.

Any tips on how to help with this stage once you get bored of it?
As it reacts like naturally curly hair you can blow-dry it to the shape you want. But as the result is permanent you do have to take it into consideration that you will have to grow it out.

If you want to maintain it, how often would you need to come in to have it re-done and would it take as long?
A perm is not maintained in the same way as colour, on longer hair the most frequent would be 7-8 months. I many cases I would only say to get it redone in a year. And on shorter hair possibly more frequent from 4 months.

Some other things to bear in mind....
The hair needs to be in good condition for the best possible result. Maxi had previously lightened ends but we had to cut most of that out before treatment as it would have been to damaging for the hair - very processed hair does not have enough elasticity and it's hard to then get any bounce in the wave. Remember, styling is still needed!

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