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Client Before and After Haircut and Hair Colour

Stylists Charlie and Lottie talk us through client Charlie's hair transformation...

What did the client want to achieve with their haircut with colour and why?
Charlie: Charlie had a very long hair and wanted a complete restyle. She preferred sharper stronger looks as oppose to a choppy ones. And her hair was naturally very straight and she wanted something low maintenance.  
Lottie: A bright all over copper colour, a very natural look - she wanted to move away from fashion/crazy colours. She wasn’t keen on her colour at present and felt her hair was very damaged and lank.

What did you both recommend and why?
Charlie: I suggested either going to collar bone length, a line and very blunt or above shoulders with a straight square power bob style. 
Lottie: I recommeded a bold copper colour that would look striking but natural and help to enhance shine. To achieve this I used the Majirel and Dia-light colours from the L'Oreal technical colour range. I wanted to combined a few colours to give an effecct of different reflects and luminous copper tones.

What products did you use to achieve finish and why?
Charlie: To style the haircut I used the Davines OI/ all in one milk spray (£17.75) before drying the hair and the Davines More Inside Shimmering Mist (£14.50) to finish off.

Did you offer any styling advice or tips to vary the style?
Charlie: The client’s hair is natural straight so she can get away with limited styling. I suggested using a round brush on the ends to bend the hair under.

What is the recommended maintenance of the haircut and hair colour?
Charlie: I would suggest she will need a haircut in 6-8 weeks, for the colour.
Lottie: I would recommend a root retouch in 6 weeks and I would always recommed with any colour that the client takes care of it by using a shampoo to protect the colour from fading like the from Davines NOU NOU range.

Charlie works in the salon on Tuesday's Wednesday's and Thursday's while Lottie works from Tuesday through to Saturday. We would always recommend a skin test 24hrs prior to a colour service.