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After Ombre

If you are getting bored of your Ombre hair colour but feel limited in your options we have some suggestions...

Option 1: Go lighter! Some clients start with an Ombre colour just to see if they like being lighter. After a while, especially for summer time they go lighter all over with classic highlights.

Option 2: Go all over natural/dark (the same colour as the natural roots) and as pictured, which gives the effect of all over, healthy, shiny hair.

Option 3: Add some fun colour on the ends, with some cool pastels like lavender for a more dip-dye effect (the ends of the hair need to be very blonde for this to work well.

In the case of client Megan, she was keen to go darker with her hair colour after sporting a natural Ombre that she had grown out. Megan loved her balayage but it was time for a change so a L'Oreal semi-permanent hair colour in a darker, richer brown colour was the best choice and it would also help to compliment her skin tone and eye colour.

Because the ends of Megan's hair were so light she would need at least a couple more visits for her colour to be really deep and a colour protecting shampoo like the one from the MINU range as well as the MINU conditioner would help.