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Nicole by Tiffany

What did the client want to achieve with their hair and why?
Nicole had been contemplating going shorter for a while and decided she was now ready for the change. We looked at photos and were drawn to Anne Hathaways shorter cropped haircut which we used as a reference for Nicole.

What did you recommend and why?
As her hair is naturally wavy she was concerned that her hair might not sit properly in a shorter style and that it might be a lot of maintenance. I recommended that we keep some of the weight through the top which would also give more volume and height which suits her. I also suggested we keep the edges soft to compliment her face shape.

What products did you use to achieve the finished look?
I used Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray to add texture and give a soft natural look.

Did you offer any styling or haircare advice?
I showed her how to use a paddle brush to dry her hair smooth but with a natural finish to it. I also recommended she return in 6 weeks to keep the shape of the haircut.