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Men's brown to blonde colour

"Peter had always wanted wanted to try a full-head bleach and was ready for a big hair change. Naturally Peter had a lot of natural golden reflects on his hair which can sometimes effect the lift so we agreed to pre-lighten the hair to reach a creamy blonde avoiding a silver toner as it would not sit against his skin tone and it would not have as much longevity. He also was keen to have a new hairstyle and a quiff seemed the perfect fit.

The hair colour service took a couple of hours and then this was followed by the haircut. To finish, Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT gel was used on damp hair to give lift and some texture as his hair is very fine. When trying to achieve a quiff style this was the perfect product to use to encourage the roots to lift and give his hair the much needed volume. Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL wash and rise were also recommended to protect and illuminate Peter's freshly coloured hair. To maintain the colour Peter should come in for his haircut every four to five weeks and we can assess the colour from there but generally speaking a full-head bleach will need to be freshened up with a toner as well as having the roots bleached between four to six weeks on such short hair depending on the effect desired."