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Going bleached blonde

"My client Anna had been varying shades of blonde for a while but had never had a full-head pre-lighter (bleach) before so was keen to try it to get a much stronger, statement look. Anna also wanted to maintain the length of the hair without compromising on the condition. Often having a pre-lightening service can result in your hair being much more susceptible to become weak which over time can cause dry and brittle hair that is prone to breaking - prevention is always better than cure!

When bleaching the hair for the first time it is important to consider many things such as the condition of the hair to start with and any previous colour. It is also important to decide on what shade of blonde would suit the client and in this case I opted for a creamy toner that suited Anna's skin tone perfectly. I also used L'Oreal new miracle in-colour product Smartbond just to support the hair during the process. The service itself took approximately three hours including the hair colour, treatment and haircut.

To finish the hairstyle I used Kevin Murphy YOUNG.AGAIN Oil as well as the Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Spray to give texture to the beachy waves I created using my straighteners. I also advised she use a purple based shampoo and conditioner like Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL to maintain the blonde colour and to stop any brassy tones setting in. I suggested Anna visit me again in six weeks to get her roots bleached again as well as the toner refresh and that she alternate her haircuts with each visit."

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