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From long and curly to short and modern

'Sandy wanted to achieve a 1920’s style bob suitable that was suitable for curly hair as she felt that her current haircut was lacking interest, shape and felt it was time for a major change! With this in mind, I recommended a short triangular bob to give a modern twist on the 1920’s look she was after. I cut in graduation through the back to give the shape extra width which is ideal for curly hair. I also twist cut the internal shape to expand her curls and make her day-to-day styling easy for her to manage. 

To finish, I used Davines LOVE Curl shampoo and LOVE conditioner which is specifically developed for curly hair and I suggested Sandy use the conditioner as a leave-in conditioner to hydrate and define the curls. 

With curly hair it varies from client to client which styling method work best. Each head of curly hair can be very different, some curls require twisting into sections before diffusing, others require scrunching and some are better just air-dried. With Sandy, I decided to scrunch and diffuse as I wanted to bring out as much width as possible and this enables me to see the shape better. I recommended that she practiced each technique to see what suited her hair best. I also recommended she come to me every 6 weeks to keep it looking at its best."