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Dark hair transformed with Balayage

"Emily was keen to achieve a lighter, more natural hair colour with a cooler tone. She had been using home hair colourants to dye her hair very dark for a long time and using boxed products at home often results in a flat colour that is very difficult to remove, especially if there is a build up of colour. I had to be careful when lifting out this colour out as it can reveal a lot of unwanted warmth which could effect the finished result. To prevent this from happening, I recommended a professional gentle colour cleanse to see what would be revealed and then go from there. Luckily, the colour removed successfully and I was able to create a sun kissed balayage that was perfect for adding some lighter pieces in her hair to add some interest. Gradually overtime we can add more balayage to continue with going lighter. Due to the steps that needed to be taken to get the right shade of her colour, the service itself took 4-5hrs including the haircut, but on her next visit Emily will go to regular service times.

In order to protect the coloured hair and achieve the beachy waves, I used Kevin Murphy STAYING.ALIVE spray and Davines OI Oil. I also recommended that Emily look after her hair so we can get it back to a healthy condition as well as a gorgeous hair colour. I also advised that she come in for a trim to remove dry/split ends in 6 weeks and to use a restorative shampoo and conditioner like Kevin Murphy REPAIR.ME Wash and Rinse."