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Before and After Men's Colour Change

"Taylor was looking for a change for his hair and had in mind for a blue hair colour to add interest to his haircut. Changing his hair colour was the main focus of the service, with the haircut, he was just looking to revert back to original shorter hairstyle.

Originally Taylor was keen to have a stronger blue hair colour but I recommended trying a more muted hue like a grey to compliment his eye colour. He was open to my suggestion and so we ended up with a silvery, blue colour which worked really week and had a nice subtly but still gave the overall effect of a new look.

The full hair colour service ended up taking around two hours and I suggested that on his next visit we can play around with the hair colour again so perhaps going for a more softer blue or even going to a much more cleaner blonde colour. Taylor will need to come in again in 4-6 weeks to have his roots re-done so this is a level of maintenance but it's worth it for the overall finished look!"