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Anais by Tiffany

What did the client want to achieve with her hair?
Anais wanted a big change with her haircut and to also go slightly lighter with her colour for the summer. It was imperative to keep her hair healthy and easy to manage.

What did you recommend and why?
We discussed different options and Anais had some photos with her for inspiration. We decided on a square bob similar to actress Diana Argon or Cameron Diaz, complimented by a soft balayage.

If it was a technical service, how long did the service last?
3 hours in total - 2 hours for the colour process and 1 hour for the haircut.

What products did you use to achieve the finished look?
I use Davines OI milk for heat protection and smoothness, and I also used Kevin murphy Hair Resort Spray to add a 'beachy' texture.

Did you offer any styling or haircare advice?
I advised Anais to return in 6 weeks for a haircut and 8-12 weeks to update her balayage. I suggested she use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel treatment to keep her hair fresh and clean. I also showed her how to work with her natural wave to create a textured look and how to use her hairdryer for a sleek finish.