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A long to mid-length hair change

"My client Laura had had very long hair for fifteen years and wanted a fresh new look that was not a “mum” haircut. She was very nervous about cutting her hair and having to figure out how to manage a new haircut after such a long time. During the consultation I suggested we go for a textured mid-length hairstyle that still had an element of low maintenance to it but that would also create some movement. We agreed this would be a really nice transition that would still keep her hair length.

To finish Laura's hair and achieved the desired result, I used Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT spray to create the needed texture and movement. I also showed her how to dry twist her hair to enhance the natural waves in her hair.

I recommended Laura came back into the salon to have her hair trimmed every two to three months to  to maintain shape, so it was still a not too much of a departure from what she would have been used to with her previous haircut."