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A dramatic colour change

"Kleo was interested a first time colour and wanted to go for it with a full first time bleach! She wanted a entirely new style and was open to suggestions but her initial idea was going platinum blonde. I advised her that for a first time bleach it’s all about naturalisation which means concentrating on a getting to a nice clean blonde and building from there, but at the same time maintaining strong healthy hair.

The service itself too 5-6 hours including the haircut and finish so it is not something that someone can get fitted in their lunch break! To finish the styles, I used the Davines OI Oil applied to damp hair for a natural hydrated finish. I also suggested Kleo use the Kevin Murphy BLOND.ANGLE shampoo and conditioner to maintain a crisp blond and prevent brassiness. In order to maintain a good colour and prevent too hard a re-growth, a visit in 6 weeks would be best not only to remove her regrowth but to trim the hair to keep it looking in tip-top condition which can be challenging after such an advanced colour change."