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At The Lounge Soho, our hairdressers use the very best professional salon haircare products to assist and support their creative work with hairstyles, haircuts and hair colours.

Italian haircare brand Davines. Their quality products contain high-grade, natural ingredients from renewable energy sources. Avant-garde and broadminded, the Davines philosophy is as creative and unique as its products. We believe Davines lead the field in stylish but effective hair maintenance.

Kevin Murphy
Australian haircare brand Kevin Murphy. Versatile and lightweight products that differ from any other on the market. Kevin Murphy have created products with invisible hold and maximum effect that are used by professionals and also for you at home, with ease.

For advice about any of the individual Davines & Kevin Murphy hair products - or ranges - visit our Journal page.
To view the products we stock and their price information please call us or click on the menu tabs below...

You can also visit their websites for further information on the brands - 

Kevin Murphy

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